Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free Cycle

I truly thought this blog would have been further along with a post here and there, an attempt at designing this blog and adding photo's. Life has a way of being unpredictable and we just have to roll with the waves and pick our priorities.

I finally picked up a needle and finished the applique block for the auction quilt that the Paradise Appliquer's are working on. I will turn that in tomorrow at the meeting. Next project is to finish up the Heart Blocks from the Country Wedding Quilt that I am working on for my daughter. Down to five blocks. 

A couple of months ago, there was a posting on the local Free Cycle Group regarding quilt books and magazines that were being given away. You can just bet that I replied to the post! I picked up the box that same day. I went through the box, kept a few and then passed on the rest to another quilter. The same lady is still cleaning out her sewing room and gave away scads of material. I was lucky recipient number three. Picked up two huge bags two weeks ago and finally got to go through them yesterday. There wasn't only material in the bags, but UFO's as well. I already put one of the tops together this afternoon. When I was sewing it, I was wondering why she didn't finish it? Did she get bored or did a better project come along?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost My Sewing Mojo

I have no idea why I wanted to start a blog! 

With that being said, I am hoping that with regular entries that I will hold myself accountable and get back to the sewing machine and finish a project. At the moment, all I do is find something else to do. Like play on the IPad or heaven forbid, clean. Went to an estate sale and bought scads of material, patterns and a box of free quilting magazines. I've gone through a few of the magazines, which if I was in the mood to sew, I would have gone through all of them within two days. What's the issue?

 I was going to list all my UFO's, but I thought that I'd scare myself and find more excuses not to go into the sewing room. So I decided on listing three projects:
  1. Uncle Sam Wall Hanging
    1. Quilt
    2. Bind
  2. Country Wedding Quilt
    1. Finish the last 8 blocks
    2. Quilt
    3. Bind
  3. Applique Block for the Paradise Appliquers Group
All three projects have deadlines. Will I make it? 

When you lose your sewing mojo, how do you get it back?