Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost My Sewing Mojo

I have no idea why I wanted to start a blog! 

With that being said, I am hoping that with regular entries that I will hold myself accountable and get back to the sewing machine and finish a project. At the moment, all I do is find something else to do. Like play on the IPad or heaven forbid, clean. Went to an estate sale and bought scads of material, patterns and a box of free quilting magazines. I've gone through a few of the magazines, which if I was in the mood to sew, I would have gone through all of them within two days. What's the issue?

 I was going to list all my UFO's, but I thought that I'd scare myself and find more excuses not to go into the sewing room. So I decided on listing three projects:
  1. Uncle Sam Wall Hanging
    1. Quilt
    2. Bind
  2. Country Wedding Quilt
    1. Finish the last 8 blocks
    2. Quilt
    3. Bind
  3. Applique Block for the Paradise Appliquers Group
All three projects have deadlines. Will I make it? 

When you lose your sewing mojo, how do you get it back?