Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost My Sewing Mojo

I have no idea why I wanted to start a blog! 

With that being said, I am hoping that with regular entries that I will hold myself accountable and get back to the sewing machine and finish a project. At the moment, all I do is find something else to do. Like play on the IPad or heaven forbid, clean. Went to an estate sale and bought scads of material, patterns and a box of free quilting magazines. I've gone through a few of the magazines, which if I was in the mood to sew, I would have gone through all of them within two days. What's the issue?

 I was going to list all my UFO's, but I thought that I'd scare myself and find more excuses not to go into the sewing room. So I decided on listing three projects:
  1. Uncle Sam Wall Hanging
    1. Quilt
    2. Bind
  2. Country Wedding Quilt
    1. Finish the last 8 blocks
    2. Quilt
    3. Bind
  3. Applique Block for the Paradise Appliquers Group
All three projects have deadlines. Will I make it? 

When you lose your sewing mojo, how do you get it back?



  1. Well, first you ask yourself why you're feeling the way you do -- and probably it has something to do with either not feeling well (often my problem), being pushed too much with deadlines (another struggle)...or the weather. This spring warmth just brings out the restless in both Husband and me -- we ALWAYS want to Get Out And Go Somewhere.
    So...if you've got deadlines to meet...I'd say start with the easiest project first. Set a goal to finish it by, say, the end of the week. Get some videos from the library that you've always wanted to see. Serve easy meals, and let the other chores go, as much as possible.
    Once you get that one done, your mojo should be starting to return. And you'll be feeling better about it all.
    BTW, you won the Money book! Please contact me with your snail mail address, Heide, so we can get this out to you. Congratulations!

    1. Woo Hoo! That book is going to come in handy!

      Thanks for the encouragement. I did sit down and sew. I set the timer for 15 minutes and ended up sewing for over 2 hours! Ahh. Felt good. About three quarters of the way through the applique block. Can't wait to check it off my list.