Sunday, February 24, 2013

DH Saves The Day!

Once again, my husband had to help me out of trouble! I get all these bright ideas, jump in with both feet and then he has to bail me out because I get stuck.

But the tide was turned yesterday, when he got arrested at the Moose Lodge's Annual Western Days. He was accused of bad cooking and a public nuisance. He needed my help to bail him out of jail!

Glad I bailed him out after all, as I ended up needing his handy, dandy assistance to help me finish  the Hope Stitchery project today.

Adding the Borders

 Wrapping the fabric around the frame was easy. It was getting the design centered, now that was a challenge. Thank goodness for the internet. Was able to find the directions on how to place and pull the fabric on the corners so that it laid  flat.  Trimming the batting from the corners helped reduce the bulk.

Ta Da!

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