Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My List of Things To Do Flew Out the Window Today

Every morning I get up, do a quick run though of my emails and surf the net looking at blogs mentioned that relate to quilting. Much to my dismay (really to my delight -- do I really need another project?), I found a new Quilt Along at Beaquilter. This one caught my attention and my list of things to do today were thrown out the window! I love star blocks. This is what I whipped up this morning. 
Block One --- Quilt Along At Beaquilter
Block two has already been posted at Bea's blog. This block involves paper piecing. Always takes me a minute or two to figure out the first two pieces, but after that I'm good to go and enjoy how crisp and sharp the points turn out. Can't wait to sew block two, but I need to go and find where the wind blew that list of things to do. Be sure to visit Beaquilter's blog today and check out the other star blocks and Bea's giveaway. You have three chances to win:
  1. Be a participant and link up.
  2. Goes to linky with most votes (non-participants, you need to vote)
  3. Goes to a Non- Participant. Just comment on post and say you voted.
The deadline is 3/11/13.


  1. block looks lovely!! good luck on the giveaway

  2. I love your block. The colors are great.